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Demystifying the MOOC

O.K., so massive open online courses didn’t change the world. Professional development is far less inspirational. But that doesn’t mean they’re failures. Thanks: JEFFREY J. SELINGO

Just Say No, Yes or Maybe

Parents’ perspectives on marijuana use are as disparate as the nation’s mandates. Here, how five parents talk to their children about smoking pot. Thanks: JULIE SCELFO

Legally High

How recreational marijuana changes a campus culture. (Not so much, if it’s the University of Colorado, Boulder, where some say smoking pot is just part of everyday life.) Thanks: ABIGAIL SULLIVAN MOORE and JULIE TURKEWITZ

This Is Your Brain on Drugs

New studies show that the effects of marijuana on young people may be greater than we thought. One has found brain differences even in casual smokers. Thanks: ABIGAIL SULLIVAN MOORE

Greek Letters at a Price

Looking to join a sorority? You’ll need time and money to spare. And don’t be late for meetings and events (there’s a fine for that). Thanks: RISA C. DOHERTY